Raft-Off: A Rally for Lake St. Clair

Become an Ally for Lake St. Clair by registering as an official participant in Lake St. Clair's GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official attempt at the Largest Boat Tie-up title.

Bringing Awareness to Lake St. Clair


Bring awareness to Lake St. Clair through a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official attempt at the Largest Boat Tie-up title.


  • Support charities that advance nautical causes 

  • Promote a social-boating safety campaign 

  • Unite nautical organizations across Lake St. Clair 

  • Win the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for Largest Boat Tie-up


Unite as many boat owners, boating enthusiasts, and nautical organizations as possible to not only surpass the current world record but to shape Raft-Off as an event that brings awareness to Lake St. Clair.