When is the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official attempt at Raft-Off?

11 August 2018.  Several will spend the night before to get the line started, and we expect attendees to arrive as early as 6 am.  The one-minute hold is scheduled for 2 pm, so we encourage everyone to come early morning.

What makes this an official attempt?

A GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® adjudicator will be present to certify the count and award the title on event day.  The use of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® logo was also licensed. 

I've been going to Raft-Off for several years.  Why do I have to pay this time?

Raft-Off is a free, public event.  Participation in the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® official attempt has a $5 registration fee per boat to help cover event expenses.  Participation is voluntary; those wishing not to be included in the official count are welcome and encouraged to tie-up as usual -- nothing changes on Raft-Off for those individuals, but they regrettably will not be included in the official count.

Why do I have to register my boat?

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® requires an accurate record of participants and their participation must be agreed up via registration.  Only four items are required: (1) boat captain name, (2) boat captain phone number, (3) boat captain signature (online purchase suffices), and (4) boat name.

Will non-registered boats be included in the line?

YES!  Fortunately, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® allows non-registered boats in the line; those boats simply will not be included in the official count. 

My boat is registered with the state.  Does that count?

Boats must be registered in the event to be included in the official count.

Do jet skis count?

Yes!  Canoes, kayaks, and dinghies count as well.  Let's bump up our numbers -- register and bring them along!

Does my crew need to be registered in the event?

Only boats are required to be registered in the event.  Though, we encourage crew enthusiasm with crew packages!  Please see them in the products page of this site.

What comes with event registration?

The basic, charitable option comes with a registration flag that has a unique registration number, zip-ties, safety (event) guide, and flyers.

How do I know how much is donated to charity through my participation?

We encourage nautical charity participation by offering a full refund on the registration fee with the charitable option after proof of a donation, volunteering, or membership.  We DO NOT collect donations for charities.

What are tiered registrations?

Tiered registrations include exclusive merchandise and commemorative items in addition to the basic $5 registration.  We encourage these options as they greatly help the staff in funding their efforts.

What are the event expenses that are covered by the registration fee?

Advertising, event insurance, radio equipment rental, drone operators, and staff accommodations are among the greatest expenses.  Also, a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® adjudicator was contracted and their logo was also licensed in order to increase the chances of success.

How do I register my boat?

Several options are available:

  1. Online on this website (see Registration in the menu)
  2. In person at a Raft-Off Rally (see the schedule in Raft-Off Rallies in the menu)
  3. In person at Muscamoot Bay every Saturday and Sunday (look for the Raft-Off banner in the center of the tie-up)

Can I just register my boat at Raft-Off?

We do not intend to register boats at Raft-Off due to the expected size of the event, time constraints, and safety concerns.  The staff's focus at Raft-Off will be to assist boaters with tying-up and meeting GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® guidelines (e.g., placing stewards [volunteers], counting registered boats, one-minute hold, etc.). Update (10 Aug): Registrations will be taken at Muscamoot Bay on event day.  We just didn't want everyone to wait till the last minute. ;-) Please encourage non-registrants to still register online and have their confirmation number ready when a volunteer walks by after you have tied up.

I registered online and haven't received anything yet.  Who do I contact?

We're sorry for the trouble!  Our staff is made solely of volunteers, so we're not as quick as we would like to be.  Expect packages to arrive in approximately two (2) weeks.  If your package hasn't arrived in the time frame, then please email us at info@nautibuoy.com, and we'll get the matter straightened out immediately.  Update (10 Aug): Packages ceased shipping on 8 Aug. Registrants will have to provide their confirmation number to a volunteer and will receive a flag at Raft-Off. Merchandise will still be shipped seperately.

When do I get my commemorative burgee?

We'll have a victory party approximately one month after Raft-Off.  In the unfortunate scenario that the event is unsuccessful, the wording will change to accurately reflect the outcome.  Those who don't attend this event will have their burgee mailed.

Why can't we just count with a drone?

Boaters must be aware and agree to their participation.  GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® also requires an accurate record of participants. 

I lost my registration flag.  Can I get a new one?

Email us at info@nautibuoy.com, and we will get you a new one right away!

Why Muscamoot Bay and where is it?  Directions?  Location?

Also known as The Moot, Muscamoot Bay is a popular tie-up spot because of its shallow, wadable depth (approximately three feet at the shallowest), protection from the elements, and seclusion from populated areas.  It's surrounded by Harsen's Island on the northern end of Lake St. Clair.  N 42.57° W -82.62°

Where is my picture that was taken when I received my registration packet?

Photos are posted on the Raft-Off Facebook page (@raftoff) under the album titled Raft-Off 2018 GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Participants.

Where is the nearest boat launch?

We recommend Lake St. Clair Metropark launch as they can accommodate a large number of vehicles.  It is also the nearest to Muscamoot Bay (for those arriving south and west) without having to ferry to Harsen's Island, which surrounds the bay.