Special Event Details

Registrants are provided a world-record safety guide containing event guidance, requirements, and information.


Raft-Off 2018 will be the largest nautical event in Lake St. Clair's history as we aim to bring awareness to Lake St. Clair at an official attempt to break the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Largest Boat Tie-up title this year on 11 August 2018.  Special consideration should be taken on this historic day for both participants and supporters.  Event details are listed on this page and readers are encouraged to share its information.

A safe Raft-Off 2018 and a successful world-record attempt is achieved through EARLY COMMUNICATION and CONTINUAL COORDINATION.  We can accomplish these requirements if participants (i.e., boat captain) register early and well before Raft-Off so that the day is dedicated to a SAFE and EFFICIENT tie-up of the world’s largest boat tie-up.  NOTE: Registrations are not planned on Raft-Off and will be limited to 2,000 boats as we will need the ENTIRE DAY to tie-up and conduct the registration verification and count.

Location: Muscamoot Bay


1.  Raft-Off.  Raft-off as you normally would.  Please arrive early morning!

2.  Relax.  Enjoy your day (because that's what we recreational boaters do best!) and ensure your assigned steward verifies your craft and receives the bottom, tear-off portion ("tab") of your registration flag.  Please place your flag low on the stern of your craft so that a steward can retrieve the tab without assistance.

3.  Remain for the Hold.  Ensure at least one person (not necessarily the boat captain) is on your registered craft during the one-minute hold planned at 2 pm.  Sound your horn to remind others that we need to be on our boats!  Once your assigned steward departs after a successful hold, the attempt concludes and boats may depart.  Count certification follows (see below), and we encourage everyone to stay for the official announcement! 

One Line for Safety

For the safety of every attendee, we encourage every boat -- participant and non-participant -- to tie-up in one line (consisting of two tie-ups aft-to-aft).  Doing so will allow for emergency services to have quicker access to critical situations and allow for safer departures.  Participation in the world-record attempt is voluntary.  Those wishing not to participate: Raft-off as you always have!


Several volunteers will assist participants in tying-up, staying safe, and being in compliance with GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® guidelines.  A steward verifies registration, ensures boats are tied during the one-minute hold (see below), and physically reports results to the adjudicator for certification. Let’s do our best to help our stewards out in their crucial task!

The One-Minute Hold

Once stewards are in place and have verified the registration of his/her assigned boats, a one-minute hold will occur at 2 pm (subject to change) when at least one person (not necessarily the boat captain) must be on a registered and tied-up vessel and aerial footage is captured. After a successful hold, stewards physically report their results to the adjudicator for certification. Participants are welcome to depart the line after this time but are encouraged to stay for count certification and announcement on results.

Count Certification

Our adjudicator will certify every steward’s submission and will award -- if earned -- Lake St. Clair’s Largest Boat Tie-up title on the water.  We expect this certification to last two hours.


Careful consideration should be taken to those not desiring to participate but wishing to tie-up and not be in the count. We ask that informed (i.e. registered) boaters be respectful and cautious of all Raft-Off enthusiasts.

Eligible Craft

  • Motorized boat
  • Sailboat
  • Aquabike/jetski
  • Canoe/kayak
  • Rigid inflatable boat
  • Airboat

Personal watercraft (e.g., dinghies, jetski, kayak, etc.) may be tied up in the line.  One person must be on personal watercraft at the time of the one-minute hold.